Wood is naturally beautiful and can add character and warmth, but more than this it offers exceptional value for money, especially compared with other high quality materials.  It also offers unique sustainable credentials being the only naturally renewable mainstream building material. Over 90% of the wood we use comes from Europe’s forests which are growing by 661,000 hectares every year. Using wood from sustainably managed forests actually reduces carbon dioxide emissions, as the carbon dioxide stored by the forest and in the timber product outweighs any carbon dioxide created during the production of the product.  Most energy used in the production of building materials is derived from fossil fuels and embodied energy is a significant indicator of a materials impact on the carbon cycle. As timber and other forest products are largely made from atmospheric carbon, they do not have the same relationship between embodied energy and the carbon cycle as other major building materials. Each tonne of timber used instead of other building materials (like steel, or brick and concrete block) saves around a tonne of carbon dioxide! This is why here at Dokic Joinery we source all our timber from PEFC and FSC certified suppliers. We strongly believe in adopting policies for recycled materials and renewable energy, and increasingly source all our materials from sustainable sources. It’s the decisions we make now which shape the future of our beautiful planet!!