Home improvements can breathe new life into a property and ultimately add more value. Kitchen extensions are a really good way to improve your home and add value. Many potential buyers with young families want this room to be the heart of the home and kitchens really do sell houses. Therefore, if you’re looking to add value to your home with a limited budget, focusing your money and efforts on creating a family kitchen/ living space is usually the best option. The photo below shows a good example of how we can provide bespoke joinery for kitchen extensions added to modern style properties.

A conservatory can also be a good way of delivering extra space to a home. Conservatories are often cheaper to build than single-storey extension and are a really good way to increase the living space in a kitchen area. If built under a certain size, you won’t need planning permission and could do it under permitted development. However, if you live in a conservation area or your property is listed, you will require permission. We always advise checking with your local planning authority before you commence any work as there are some limitations regarding the size of an extension and its proximity to roads and the properties surrounding it.




The above conservatory, crafted from prime European Oak, offers a more traditional style of extension to compliment period style properties. Providing panoramic views of the garden, a conservatory like this can swiftly become the favourite room in the house!

Please contact us to see how we can help to provide bespoke window and door frames for the extra living space you desire in your home.