Using dual colours gives you much more choice over how you personalise property. Dual coloured joinery is simply windows and doors that are coloured in one shade on the exterior and another on the interior. Dual colour windows and doors provide an array of benefits to homeowners, the main being the ability to pursue two different types of style, inside and out. One of the most obvious benefits that dual colours offer is greater flexibility over the style of a property.

This is particular useful if you live in a traditional style home and want heritage looks on the exterior, but a modern, contemporary look on the inside. With dual colours, two contrasting aesthetics can be created on the inside and outside of your property, without detracting from the appearance of either.

Colour is one of the most important ways of customising your home. Colour allows you to add your own unique touch to a property. If your home suffers from a rather drab exterior and is in need of some updating, using dual colours can provide an almost instant transformation. Dokic Joinery can match almost all well know paint suppliers shades of colour using our microporous paint system. Contact us today to see if we can help transform your home using our dual colour service today.