Not to sound a bore or like those who mention Christmas when still in June, BUT both the spring and summer months are an ideal time to change those inefficient windows and doors around your home in time for the cold winter months ahead. Both draughts and ventilation let fresh air into your home, good ventilation helps reduce condensation and damp, draughts are uncontrolled as let in too much cold air and waste too much heat.

Draught proofing your house

The best way to draught-proof your house is to install improved windows and doors, which can not only keep the heat in, but the costs of heating down. However, there are still plenty of temporary measures that can be done to improve conditions.

With sash windows the installation of brush strips between the sashes and sill will go some way toward combating unwanted draughts. You can also get a range of draught seal strips which you can fit yourself to act as a buffer between any gaps.

External doors are the next biggest contributor to draughts. There are a wide range of products that you can install to help with gaps around and under the door. There plenty of screw-on solutions such as brushes which form a second seal around the door, though these can be unsightly. Alternatives can be found in internal draught excluders which either fit under the door, or just inside the frame which will also go some way to keeping warm air in. Escutcheon with covers on external keyholes and strong spring mounted letterboxes as well as sturdy brush units also prevent air passing through the actual door.

A permanent draught proof solution

If  you are considering a more permanent solution to saving money on energy bills, Dokic Joinery can provide highly efficient windows and doors to combat heat loss to your home. All our joinery is supplied with maximum weather – proof solutions with an array of double glazing options to make sure you stay warm this winter! In the meantime we hope you enjoy your summer!!!