A front door offers more than just an entry into your home — it’s a space that lets your personality shine. The outside of a home can make a big impact and never more so than the front door itself. So to make a good impression it’s vital that a home has a solid, well maintained door that is in-keeping with the style of the property. A badly kept front door will reflect badly on the property. However a well-fitting, solid timber, high quality door will convey a lot about the rest of the property. It’s a big decision when it comes to changing your front door and not one to be taken lightly. Your choice can shape the experience that your home offers to visitors and how you feel when you arrive home yourself.




The image above shows a very tired front door our clients were desperate to change. The front entrance porch had become a derelict space as the side door to the house was used as means to enter and exit their home. Prompting them with our friendly expert advise, the decision was made to construct a hardwood six flat panelled door with bolection mould detailing. Careful consideration to the coherent relationships between the door furniture, the paintwork, glass and the joinery was key here. Using a traditional style etched double glazed unit in the toplight, traditional door furniture and a F&B Downpipe paint finish really gives the property a decorous entrance once again.




Please contact us to see if we can help you create the welcome statement you crave with a replacement front door. All our front doors can be supplied pre paint finished to any RAL number, hung with locks fitted for ease of fitting.