Even the most durable hardwood needs looking after to stay looking its best, meaning that a little DIY may be needed.

Here are some tips to maximise the life of wooden doors and windows keeping them looking great year after year.

Protecting your doors and windows

When painted, your doors and windows will last for decades as long as they are maintained. It’s vital that they are primed, undercoated and then top-coated to ensure that they are sealed from the weather. Our paint finished joinery items are protected with four thick coats of paint prior to delivery.

With hardwood doors and windows, oils or varnishes are also a good alternative to paints. Similarly with paint, they must be maintained and reapplied when called for.


It may seem obvious, but giving your windows and doors a wipe down twice a year can go along way in helping to maintain them. Start by wiping them with a dry cloth to remove any dust, then with a damp non-abrasive cloth or sponge and warm water with mild soap you can start to clean them going in the direction of the wood grain. The finishing stage is to use a soft rag to wipe them dry.

Keeping on top of maintenance

In order to extend the time between repainting it is good practice to do the following once a year:

  • Check hinges and handles and treat them with a light oil
  • Remove dust and grime from weather seals
  • Clear gutters and down pipes in Autumn and check for leaks
  • Spot repair any minor areas of damage in the Spring. I.e coat damage, shakes or open joints.