Staircases can be so much more than a means of just getting to the next floor. They can be a work of art, a conversation piece, a place to meditate or a historical marker. With so many great choices now available for your house staircase designs, it can be difficult to decide which one is best for you

No matter what design is required, we here at Dokic Joinery can help you to create a bespoke staircase which meets your requirements in every way. Regardless of whether your project calls for a feature staircase, a classic staircase, a contemporary staircase or a traditional staircase, our aim is always to offer you a bespoke design that will compliment your property.

One of the most important parts of our process in handcrafting a staircase is to assemble it dry here at our workshop. This enables us to check all critical measurements are met, making the fitting on site go as smoothly as possible. This process is illustrated in the photo below.

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Traditional staircases mainly come in the form of closed string and cut string designs. A cut string staircase enables the steps to be seen when looking at the side of the stairs. With the cut string option it’s possible to have additional design features under each step such as decorative brackets. This type of staircase give a feel of grandeur and was commonly used in the Georgian and Victorian era.

A closed string staircase, unlike the cut string, has a closed string and treads are not visible from the side. Softwood treads, Plywood or MDF risers can be used, ready for full carpeting or painting. Alternatively  hardwood treads and risers can be used when a stained or oiled finish is desired.

For the more modern look, an open tread staircase can be installed with stainless steel rod risers used as a means of safety. The rods also give the flight a striking presence. Using glass balustrading in place of traditional spindles creates a very modern and stylish finish to all staircases.

Please see our staircase page for examples of the different styles and designs we can provide for your project.