Conservation Areas

More and more properties are being added to the list of conservation areas in the UK with the cultural heritage of our country’s architecture becoming increasingly important as new cheap build permeate the landscape. Conservation areas exist to help enhance, protect, and promote the history of architecture within the United Kingdom.

Am I allowed to replace my windows ?

If you live in a conservation area, there are typically few rules that keep you from maintaining your property. Some projects like major repairs or replacement of your windows can cause detriment to the historic value of your home and you may need planning permission from the Local Authority to continue. Because rules may vary from conservation area to conservation area and on the basis of your home’s historic value, it is advisable to always contact the Local Authority for planning permission before starting any project.

How can we help?

As one of the few conservation specialists in the area, a lot of our clients approach us looking for bespoke windows that will work as replacements for their properties. We are experts in creating replacement frames to exact measurements, procuring materials and finishes that will match the architectural and aesthetic qualities of existing windows. Before starting any project, we methodically assess the application and restrictions associated with planning permission to help you get the permission you need to replace your joinery from your local planning council.

Whether you live in a conservation area or just appreciate good design, we can produce windows in arrange of styles, colours and finishes in both traditional and contemporary formats to meet your particular taste. Please call us to see how we can help!