Choosing to use a colour for your new joinery can dramatically change the look of your house. Over the years more dramatic and bold colours are being introduced into the home and joinery is no exception. The exterior is important for setting the tone for the rest of the house, a colourful front door can make a real statement. It can be a good way to reflect your style and personality.  One of the main trends at the moment is to “style it dark” using dark shades of blue, grey and even black.  This works particularly well in Victorian and Edwardian style houses. Using your existing architectural and landscaping features may help to give you ideas.

Using our specialist micro-porous waterborne paint system, we can supply all our bespoke joinery products factory finished to the highest possible standard. All RAL colours are available and we’re able to match colours from most market leading paint brands using the names of their paints as reference.